Sunday, February 21, 2016

Journal Prompt: Less is More

Our journal prompt this week was to limit ourselves to 1-3 words to express an idea.  And to keep the idea of less-is-more as a theme.
It was so open-ended that the group is getting a huge variety of responses here.  That is always fun.  

I chose to combine my love of gelli plate printing and a word my daughter Julie has shared with me as one of her favorites.  It surely fits with just about anything you want to discuss.  Whether Zentangle or any other creative endeavor or just life in general.  

This pattern was made with a kind of "comb" in wet acrylic paint on the plate and then when the print was dry I cut it out and shaded it with graphite and white charcoal pencil.

One gal commented it made her think that creative ideas are floating around in the air trying to find a host.  I like that thought. 
So if you remain open to them…one may float right to you!

Excited that Julie is coming to visit us (from cold WI) arriving in Orlando around noon on Tuesday.   

I am off to watch Downton Abby.

1 comment:

  1. I love the comb effects, and how you added to it! Haven't yet tried my gelli plate...



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