Saturday, February 6, 2016

Journal Prompt 5: Fruit

Journal prompt this week is "fruit"…what ever we want to do with fruit.  I looked up fruit.  Ya know that if it is something that starts as a flower and has seeds in it…it is a fruit.  Pumpkins are fruit.  
WHO knew.  Semantics.  :-)

I had fun with this little watercolor slicing it up and enjoying the abstraction.  

We are having a very coolish week in central FL.  
I know my northern friend and relatives are not sympathetic!
Last week we were eating lunch out on the lawn.  
Today I wore jeans and a sweater and had the heat on.  
What's the deal?
Way below normal for February.  
AND our huge art fair in Mt Dora got totally rained out this afternoon…a deluge all afternoon!  What a shame…thousands of people were expected!  
Hopefully they can still get a day tomorrow.

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