Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two dimensional tiles

3.5" Zentangle Tile with second layer on top just a slight bit larger.

Side few of the frame which raised higher than the main tile.  

This is just an experiment and not my original idea.  I sure would like to try it again and take it a little slower and more carefully.  But you have to try things out to see if you are going to like the idea. It does take quite a bit of time to complete.  

This dimensional designed tile is originally published by Eni Oken and if you google the name her work will come up.  She has some really fascinating and different work.  I bought one of her books on extreme shading.  

I picked a tile that I had already done (for time's sake) and then just designed a "frame" to go around and on top of it.  I used self-stick foam glued between the two dimensions.  

The frame tangle is Brabs.  Inside the tangles are Bwlya and Cadent with Black Pearl.  I added the Zen-gem just for some color and interest.  

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