Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekly Journal prompts 3 and 4

Week 3 journal prompt

Week 4 journal prompt: Use a snowflake on your page

This is one of those pages that was so funny…after I cut out the snowflake and I had to cut like 15 cause it just is so addictive. Then I traced it on a pre-prepared ground made with zig zag machine stitching…why? I have no idea. I like the texture. Also acrylic paint put on with a credit card and drips and doodles. The hearts were done with prismacolor colored pencils which I used to practice "burnishing"…still new at that…with a clear no color wax pencil. I got sucked into making all kinds of lines on the tracing from the snowflake and then sucked more into tangling a new tangle called "Captured" which has hearts in it…must be almost Valentines? Anyway this strange line of reasoning continued for like two hours!…one thing leading to another and finished with a quote that I do like to remember.

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