Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Steam Punk Forest

"The Steampunk Forest"
6" x 11"on paper

I'm going to try a photo of this rather than a scan. (see below).  The bronze colored acrylic paint on this just glows metallic and that doesn't show up at all in this scan.  This is a gelli print done by Jan Krassner of Leesburg Art Association at a workshop she gave in late October.  At the end of the class she gave me this print to Zentangle.  
Here's photo below that really shows off the lovely copper colored acrylic paint Jan used.  Interesting how the photo look so different!  

The paper Jan used was black and rather heavy.  Obviously her second "pull" with the dark green was masked by the interesting shapes she had.  

I used a Sigma Pigma 05 pen by Sakura (that Zentanglers call an "apprentice pen".)  It worked better on the acrylic surface.  Some additions on the paper were gold paint, gold ink, white ink and white charcoal pencil.  
The tangles were: Croissant, Fe-Ba, Footlites/Unyun, Frostflower, Abundies, Crescent Moon, Printemps, Diva Dance, Knightsbridge, Golven and Paradox. 

When completed it really had a steam punk look to it.  (See my  previous post for a definition of steam punk.)

Weather here in central Florida has warmed up some and we were up to 75 today…back to shirt sleeves in sunshine. All our northern friends and family (or most of them) are digging out from the recent blizzard.  

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