Sunday, September 2, 2018

Creating a Dali

This oak leaf was the inspiration for my abstract leaf below.

My art friends say this looks like a Salvador Dali inspired leaf.
I have to agree.  It is about 8 x 10 on watercolor paper done with crayons (of all things) and black marker pen.  

This was the result of a short class one evening sponsored by Lakeland Art League on using crayons in art (again).  Because my paper was textured the crayons took that texture on. 

This is a very "free form" activity with drawings done in graphite first and mine turned out the most abstract of anyone's which was a surprise.  It was fun to do but I am not very excited about the result.  Still it did give me some ideas about how to start out free form art.  
And it's always fun to think outside the box now and then.   

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