Saturday, September 15, 2018

Inktober Tangles anyone?

Inktober is a on-line challenge that appears about this time each year.  There are places to post the work AND there is list of suggested words so that you are challenged to find some image to match the word.  NOT easy by the way.  

Several of us did this a few years ago.  Fun but actually pretty time consuming!  It also comes while I am traveling which adds to the problem for me.  

So this year one of my Facebook Zentangle Groups has proposed a Zentangle Inktober challenge.  The group is called Anything Goes: Tangled Art for Everyone. Inktober Tangles sounds more reasonable to me.  However when I looked some of these up I found that they have picked some VERY challenging tangles for this!!!

Step-outs I believe are all located on line and should be available in hard copy or with videos to demo for you if it's a new one you need to see (or to refresh you).  Oct 1 is Mooka which is below. I did this one ahead as a sample.   I am challenging my art group in FL to see if anyone will take me up on it.  (Or any of my blog followers).  If interested you can put something in the comment section below.  

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  1. I've been waiting and looking online for this list.
    I'm gonna try, thank you.