Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Inktober # 17 and 18

These two tangles are "Narwhal" and "Luv-a".  I liked both of them.  Narwhal I've done many times but the second one I thought would make such a cute picture frame.  If I had time I would have put one in.  But traveling along the highway as I am...I am lucky just to get the tangle done!!!

We are currently in Love's Park, Illinois...visiting family along the way...Greg's daughter in Poynette, my daughter in Madison yesterday and now my daughter and son and their family in Warrenville, Ill today and tomorrow.  So wonderful to get caught up on news and share laughter and hugs.  

We'll be in Naperville for two nights now and that's nice to give us a break from the "driving routine" before we head south on Friday morning.  Off to breakfast now and a busy day ahead.  We will be meeting our great granddaughter, Violet Virginia for the first time today!!!  So fun.

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