Friday, October 5, 2018

Tangles 4,5,6 for the Challenge

The next three tiles in the Ink Tangle October one-tangle a day challenge are Facets, Fleavy, and Pais.  

The count down to leaving WI seems to gain momentum as the deadline gets closer.  I closed my studio today.  I hate doing that.  I feel bereft now.  But I kept out some sketchbooks.  We will take off a week from Monday.  Lots to do.  But packing and closing things up takes up a lot of time!  And everything takes longer each year.

Sad watching my friend Mary Gayle close up her place for the last time as they sold it this fall.  They will be full-time Floridians now.
Hoping we can touch base with them there.

We expect snow next weekend.  
OH my.  

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