Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Making Tiny Sketchbooks to carry on location.

I am making up tiny sketchbooks for my sketchbook class later in January.  They are 3 x 4" and will be "purse sized".  A friend gave me the binder machine last year and you can get the plastic ring binders at Office Depot.  They do cost a bit and I used Canson wc paper, so I am going to have to charge a something each for the little sketchbooks.  They each have 5 pages with two sides...10 sketches.  You could probably have these bound at Office Depot too.  

There are pre-made teensy sketchbooks that you can find at art stores and in art catalogs.  I love the accordion fold out books and you can make those yourself too.  Here's one way. All depends on how much time you have for that sort of thing.  

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