Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Story Sketch

Some sketches come with natural stories attached.  Those are often special memories.  You can, I hope, read the the little bit that I wrote right on the journal page.  

Fascinating little story attached to this little bait shop now preserved by community members who want to remember.  That's the real story, isn't it.  That people care enough to remember.  That they plant flowers, repair the roof and mow the lawn.  No money is charged to come.  

And that people love to come there and feed the ducks.  They bring their children and sit on the pier and chat.  Edith and Hazel must be so pleased.  I can imagine them sitting in the shade of of that old porch facing the lake having lunch.  

The photo of the "minnows" sign is from the side of the shop that I could not see from my angle.  The articles from the "museum" inside are just a few...there are tons.  And the entrance hall has been sealed in plexiglass so that you can stand inside and see everything, but it is safe and untouched.  That took some work and planning.  It's really quite impressive.  Full of old tea pots, tackle boxes, lures and bobbers and tins.  

Keep in mind I had to drive about 45 minutes from Lac du Flambeau to Sayner, WI to find this hideaway and there is NO sign.  
You can google it and get directions on line so it's not a secret but they don't put up signs so in a way this is kind of nice that it is more word-of-mouth.  I guess it's quite popular and people stroll down or ride their bikes.  There isn't much or two cars.  Which is good.  The town is very small but there are a lot of cabins and fisherman and bikers and families who like to come to the area.  AND fisherman of course.  

I am including also a little photo of the sketch as it first started.  I like to lay in the shadows first.  The reason is that they immediately start to shift as you draw.  During the hour or two that you enjoy the sketch they are in a totally different place at the end.  I often pick the angle of the sketch based on how the shadows fall.  Because cobalt blue is very transparent, it makes a nice shadow I can paint right over.  

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