Friday, January 1, 2021

The Final Two Weeks in Florida

Imagine my delight when a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived as a thank you from the Art Club!!!  So huge I had to divide it up into two lovely bouquets.  And it's lasted a long long time!  I was so pleased and surprised.  I am going to miss my tribe here at Hawthorne Park!  

One of the ways I've been keeping sane while packing up my life to move from Florida to Wisconsin in the middle of winter during a pandemic is to tangle.  Daughter, Beth, sent me gorgeous sparkling watercolors to play with so I've enjoyed incorporating those into my tangles too. 

And then there is Neurographic Line Drawing.  Sort of on the same quiet relaxing side as Zentangle.  It's suggested that the original lines be done with the non dominate hand.  That's kind of fun.  See instructions here if you'd like to try it out.  

We are 17 days and counting now until the moving truck shows up at our door.  The packing is coming along pretty well.  But there are always interruptions and issues and decisions and unexpected events.  

Our first buyers backed out!  THAT was a big one. But then it went back on the market and sold again in two days.  So that was helpful.
But now we have to go through inspection again!  Sigh.   The last minute events are now beginning to loom...things that just had to wait to the end. Next week is a big week for those kinds of things.  

We are watching the horrific storms charge across the mid west that makes us nervous too.  Our moving van will have to get through those and we will too, of course.  We expect to be "on the road" on January 19.  We'll keep in touch along the way.  


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