Saturday, October 1, 2011

75 day Sketching Challenge: Day 47-50

These sketches were all done while visiting my daughter, Beth, in WI. She'll hopefully recognize everything in them! I also took the photo references with my iPad2. (Rather than downloading them from my camera.) It is the first time I've tried doing that!

Today was my 50th college reunion at Beloit College. What fun to see old friends. Also sobering to see the list of those who have passed away. I thought it coincidental that I did my 50th sketch today, don't you?

I hope that the sassy Sketchers will send some photos after Oct 10 so I can post their work as well.

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  1. I love your sketches, Ginny! They look good from the iPad 2. I will have to try again. my last post was through the iPad, too, but I haven't had another chance to try again. You'll inspire me.

  2. PS
    The reunion sounds fun! My boyfriend went to a fiftieth recently. I love that all your images will help to remind you of your daughter and her place.

  3. Looks great Mom. Fun to watch this challenge. Sure hope one of your grand daughters gets your artist gene.