Monday, October 17, 2011

75 day sketching Challenge Day 63 & 64

The scenes are Fl scenes now.
As I fall now into the last weeks of the challenge. The corner of my Florida room on a sunny afternoon and a tiny bit of the patio out back. Actually yesterday was day # 65 and that one is done also. So 10 sketches left in the challenge. It's been a pretty interesting "journey" and I know that I have seen artistic growth!

The interesting thing (to me)...or ONE of the interesting things is that this challenge turned out to be a "count down" to my husband's surgery date. I knew this when I started. The last sketch will be while he is in surgery.

On Oct 26 Greg is having DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery to help alleviate the severe tremor in his right hand from a genetic disease called Essential Tremor. The surgery will be done at U of Fl hospital (Shands) in Gainesville, FL. Anyone who could throw a few prayers our way, it would be welcome! There is a fascinating 45 sec video of how the procedure goes that you might like to view if you have no idea what DBS involves. He will be awake during the whole thing! Click here.

Every time I look at this video tears come to my eyes. The correction that happens at that moment is JUST what we are praying for. Greg will experience this during the surgery BUT he will have to "detached" from the electric stimulus after surgery and he won't be re-connected until he has a pace maker stimulator gets put in on Dec 2. So we need to pray for patience too. We wait and wait and then wait some more!

Meanwhile, my faith and my art has been my saving graces...they hold me and center me and set my my mind in peace.

I am currently preparing for a watercolor class I'll teach one week from today. And still trying to find things in my studio, get unpacked here and organized.

My en plein air FL friends are trying to set up some dates to paint together again too. I think we are going to try to get together on Nov 11 at the Eustis Sailing Club to do some sketches! They are getting ready for a regatta there! If weather cooperates.


  1. You have beautiful paintings and sketches on your blog , I am also thinking to take this challenge (some day soon) i hope. and am sending my prayers for health and patience.

  2. thanks for your prayers and good thoughts and kind remarks about my work. I have really enjoyed the sketching! And recommend it everyone.

  3. My best to Greg, and hope the procedure works for him.