Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ginny's 50th College Reunion

Today I am thinking back over the last few days to my college reunion at Beloit College in Beloit, WI. In the photo are a few remembrances. Each of us received the golden hood (which we proudly wore all weekend). Our name tags bore our graduation photo from the year book. WHO is that girl?

It was a bittersweet weekend for many reasons. On the back of the program was a list of everyone who has passed away since the the 25th reunion. My heart ached to read Pamela Hurlbut Troop. I haven't seen her in 48 years...but I always held out the hope of one seeing her again. So many adventures together.

But the old friends who were there were filled with laughter and good stories made the event so worthwhile. So we alternated between hilarity and nostalgia. An emotional weekend to be sure.
The weather was nippy but dry and sunny. The campus is very pretty. It was strange to walk in the places we walked so long ago. I think everyone took some time to do this alone. We were all so aware of much time has passed. This does put one in a reflective mood.

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