Monday, November 28, 2011


Based on Peg Furlin's workshop...I did a demo for my wc class today...watercolor on canvas. We only have about two hours to work together...these gals REALLY catch on fast. I hope to post some of their work in a couple weeks.

Peg has coined the term "fractured wc" for this technique. What I need to work on now are ways to make the colors choices I use more harmonious and interesting. Peg is currently working with a lot of grays, browns and blacks...very limited palette. Hard for me...I LOVE color.

This old truck was photos in Key West and I have painted it before with the bed of the truck planted in lost of wild bushes. The truck itself slowly rusting itself into the ground. It sits outside a restaurant...some old fish shanty type. I call this "The Lemon". I did use some stamping on this. But found it way too distracting for a beginner in this sort of technique. A lot of the stamps got lifted off. I also used a lot of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to lift off the white areas. Peg's tip.

The wc canvas is very forgiving. You can wash it off and start all over if you wish.
I have two others started I'd like to work on this week while it's all fresh in my mind.
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

This is the week my hubby has his second surgery to connect the deep brain stimulation to the battery operated pacemaker. Friday morning is the big day! Wish us luck.

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