Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pouring Watercolor Part I

Actually I am posting this for my November 14th watercolor class here in FL.

We are preparing to do a little pouring of watercolor ala Jean Grastorf.

Doing this in a 3 hour lesson won't be easy so I am trying to give the gals a heads up so that they not only have the proper supplies but can have paper ready and a drawing in place by the time we start next Monday.

Here is the basic supply list:
  • 1/4 sheet cold press 140# wc paper, stretched.
  • at least 3 clear plastic cups for color mixing
  • a triad of transparent red,blue, yellow (I plan to use permanent rose, cobalt, and aurolin yellow. But there are many triads.
  • a spray bottle
  • plastic cloth for table
  • something to catch the paint (a jelly roll pan? aluminum throw aways kinds from Publix work okay) also an old terry towel and paper towel.
  • a drawing in pencil
  • hair dryer
  • masking fluid of your choice and some synthetic old small brushes for application
  • a rubber pick up
  • soap (liquid or solid)
  • pencil/eraser
  • tape
I am going to use one of Jean's examples from her book Pouring Light. I think we have her permission to use it for practice. If any of the class members would like to use the same drawing, I'll be happy to share the line drawing so you can trace it before class. I will bring copies to the Fine Art Meeting tomorrow morning. I am also going to put faint x's on the first layer of masking. Remember, the masking cannot go on until the paper is BONE dry. Here is a little masking demo that is pretty good (click here) but I would recommend that when using a paint brush that you wet your brush, dip it in soap or rub on a bar of soap, dip in water again and then put on the masking. It will make you brush last a LOT longer.

If you click on Jean's name above and go to her gallery you will see the drawing as a completed painting there.

You might notice in the picture that I have a "sharpened popsicle stick" in the supply photo. It is one of my favorite applicators for masking fluid!

If you have not ever stretched paper. I'd recommend you click here and look at Cheap Joe's video of how to stretch paper. (note the drawing is on it first!!!). At the end of the process, you will want to staple the paper down starting at the four corners and then in the middle of each side, and then every 3" or so. Then let it dry at least overnight before you come to class.

I think we will all have better luck with the pouring having the paper tightly secured to the board. Tune in for more art!

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