Thursday, August 15, 2013

Putting the Zen in Zentangle

Ciceron, Earth Rising (v), Germies

Wow I sure love that new tangle Ciceron (hope I am spelling that right). It's the one on the left side of the Zentangle.  Very nice illusion.  Just enough shading to give it a little pop.   I will surely use that one again and again!  

Am hoping to get into the studio this weekend a bit to work on a watercolor.  Photos to come later.  

I missed my Outdoor Painters this morning as I am working on getting photos and writing up memories of a dear friend who just passed away on Monday morning.  It has sort of consumed me as I look at the old photos and think of what a dear person she was and how accomplished she was.  She was only 59 and died of esophageal cancer just 3 months after diagnosis.  The Memorial will be Aug 24.  

The Zen in my zentangles has been useful...very calming and gentle.    

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