Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ZIAs make great gifts!

Tangles top left to right around the frame:
Fiore, Yew-Dee,  W-2, Aurakonot + Hollibaugh, Vortex, Dex (or A-3 Grid), Germies, Knightspeek, Hibred, Hurry, Fishnet, Opus, Rain, and Schway

Verve (with Black Pearl), Cadent (Gathered), Crescent Moon, Cadent (Windows on the Stars) and Spider Web

I actually finished most of the picture frame during the Demo at the MAL art show back in July.  But forgot to post it.  It is one of those VERY cheap frames you pick up at WalMart or Michaels for like $1.  Sometimes you find them painted.  This one was not...so I just gave it two coats of white gesso and sanded it lightly with fine grain sandpaper.  

The tangles were done with Ultra-Fine Sharpie pen.  They really make a nice gift for people.  You might decide to use fewer tangles...I wanted this one to be an "example" of tangles so I worked in quite a few.  I do use graphite shading on this and then give it a few light coats of spray clear acrylic to protect it.  

The second ZIA is a birthday card for my granddaughter Abby who is 13 and will be starting high school in a few weeks.  BIG excitement there.  I now have 5 grandkids in high school this year! (one in college and one already out of college) and 5 still in elementary school from first to 8th grade.  That should add up to 12.  Whew.  

Does anyone know if the tangle in the "O" (which I dub "spider web") really have an official name?  I use it all the time but don't know if it really has a name or not.  

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