Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mail box cover

mailbox cover for FL home

Special thanks to Ginny Sullivan, my tutor in this project.  She teaches floor cloths, mail box covers, placemats and coaster, etc. all made out linoleum.  She has cut most of them in the appropriate dimensions. Or you can cut them yourself.  We buy our supplies from her and she coaches us on the the way to apply paint and finish the project.

Ginny provides stencils if you want them and has tons of cute samples to look at to inspire you!  I did this one free hand.  And if you could see up close details the house number is on the front of the engine.  

Since my neighbor's mailbox is RIGHT next to mine, the back side really does not need decorating.  But, if you had a stand alone box, you could have something on each side.  These are craft acrylic paints and then coated with 3 coats of Delta Satin Finish Varnish.  The cover is connected to the box with magnets clued along the bottom edge!  

In our park you cannot paint directly on mailboxes themselves but you can have a removable cover. Many people make the seasonal ones that can be flipped off and on at the appropriate times.  Very fun.

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