Sunday, March 23, 2014

March wrapping up...

March flies faster than almost any other month down here in Central Florida.  Guests, end of the season parties and activities, church events, taxes, Lent, and just the joy of watching the azaleas and the bottle brush tree bloom again.  Then there is bird song and the smell of orange blossoms. (We had 50 Cedar Wax Wings in our yard last week!)  The migration is on!

I end up kind of combining some of the tangles for days in the calendar while I try to figure how how to find time to get things done.  And I am on the count down to Retreat to Paradise...a Zentangle 3-day event on the beach in Melbourne, FL.  We leave in 11 days! 

Tomorrow I have a Zentangle reunion in the afternoon.  50% chance of rain tomorrow so it's a good afternoon for that!  

I have a couple of art projects laying on the tables in the studio I'd like to work on.  This week might have a few little spots for that too.  

My sinus allergies do kick up in the pollen filled air which makes me  more tired than normal.  So that is in the mix of things too. 

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