Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March marches on...

10: Hurry, Charlie, Chartz  11: Ditto, Pebble Flowers  12: Cadent (v)

The march toward St. Patrick's Day continues...5 more Zentangles until it arrives.  Touches of green continue.  I found an interesting green stamp to add to "12".  For "10" I enjoyed finding a way to use Charlie that pleased me.  Up until now I was not sure about this tangle.  And aren't Helen Williams' Pebble Flowers interesting?  She is so "organic" in all her tangles.  

Friend Mary is flying in tomorrow morning from snowy cold Illinois.  Crossing my fingers we'll get some nice warm and sunny weather.  She's flying into a little rain tomorrow.  ARRGH.  But I don't think it will rain all day...the weather symbol now shows some sunshine too.

Finished painting my "train mailbox cover" in acrylic at Ginny Sullivan's class this morning.  I put the final 3 coats of varnish on and now need to put on the magnets.  Should be ready to install in a day or so.  Photos to follow.

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