Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Journal Prompt #20: Creating Depth

5 x 8" journal page

Well, here it is folks…my last post before I hit the road.
When it's 95 every day in FL…my hubby starts packing.  Hahaha.  
Only 53 for a high at the cabin.  It's going to be a huge shock to me!  Packing sweaters and jeans when it's 95 is somehow strange!

The prompt for today was to create something "with depth".
I have already packed up all my art supplies (well most of them) and so a pair of scissors and some glue and my inkjet printer were about all I had to work with.  Oh and a glue stick.

The background for the page was pre-done weeks ago…I do several backgrounds at a time.  Then wait to find something that will fit on them!  The "slick" ink which has a raised line seems to fit with this idea well.  Behind it is a Gelli print deli paper glued to the page.  

The Zendala (unfinished by the way) was copied on my inkjet printer twice and glued with YES glue to light tag board and cut out and between the layers is that stick/foam that you buy at Walmart or Michaels in sheets.  And I used glue stick on it as well.  I wanted to sort of express the "whirlwind of packing" and heading off again.  And because my journal theme is "awareness" or "attentiveness" I wanted a quote that fit that theme too.

I was thinking of coloring the layers of the Zendala but with the wild background decided against it.  That would be nice if the background were uncolored AND if I had time.  I'll post now and again from my iPad but the images are always so small that I am unhappy with them.  But at least you can follow along my journey.  I can always repost them another day.

We are praying for decent weather.  Leaving Friday morning.
Should get to southern WI by Tuesday. 6 days there and then the last 300 miles on Memorial Day.  


  1. Beautifully themed for your current life situation! Love the idea for using the foam sheets. Have a good trip Ginny.
    Lauryn E.

  2. Love this flowery zendala-y thing. Talk about depth! This piece does capture the whirlwind/chaos/energy of moving VERY well. Put a box or two in there and BAM! :)

    And talk about inspiration. I was looking for an idea for a page in my (almost finished) sketchbook... thanks! I mean, the flower zendala idea. Love it. Want to play with it!



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