Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tangle A Day Calendar

The count down to the annual move back up north closes in on me.  6 days and counting.  You hear me go through this twice a year every year.
And it's not really a whine (although packing is not my favorite).
I've been reminded many many times this year that it is my privilege and my joy to be able to have two delightful places to be during the year.  

So should this sound like a whine, please forgive.
I am really really grateful to have two lovely spots in the world that mean a great deal to me and two sets of friends.  AND to have family who puts up with it and loves me anyway!  :-)  The packing, although not particularly "fun" is a good way to inventory what is most useful and needed in your daily life.  My art cupboard get organized and cleaned out, my fridge and kitchen cupboards get cleaned.  All good.

So this year I am going to make a huge effort NOT to sound like I am whining about all this.  But more than that I am grateful to have another opportunity to see 3 seasons in Wisconsin (spring, summer and fall) and to leave the snow and cold behind me each winter.
I look forward to our lovely little lake and our dear church and friends up there.  And my hubby has done so much to try to make the tiny cabin comfortable and pleasant for us both.  What could I possibly complain about!!!  

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