Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arriving at our north woods cabin

French Camp, MS  Moleskin sketch book

We had a wonderful cross country trip from central FL to northern WI and we could sleep for a week now!  But no rest for the wicked and we are busy unpacking and trying to "open" the north woods cabin which is no small task!  

And the next task is also not one for sissies!

So this is the first order of business…a new pump for our shallow well.  Yikes.  This is the old one that served us so well for over 40 years! (with tank beside it).

And  this is the well pit where it was and the new one will be installed.  How fun is this!!!? Working in a pit?  Oh boy.
AND just to make things worse, there is no water in the house until this gets done!  OH boy.  

Wish us luck on this task!!!  AND soon.

Art is on hold for a bit longer yet.

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