Sunday, May 15, 2016

Margaret's new tangle: Skye

I know it's nuts.  Now I am almost done with August.
But it really doesn't matter what month I am on as long as I am enjoying myself. Love Margaret's new tangle Skye…which I really had to work on!  I am a slow learner on that one!  But it's worth not giving up.  I dropped a few words into this one, if you can find them.  

Gorgeous hot 92 weather here in Central FL.  But weather up north is not very great at this point.  We have about two weeks until we get up there.  I am crossing my fingers on weather improvement big time!  I know the whole upper midwest and Canada is cold and wet and icy.  

Is anyone having trouble with their FB account Sunday night?
I've never ever not been able to download a photo and it would not take any photos tonight…I even switched to another browser but it's FB and not the browser.  Wonder if it's over loaded on a Sunday night or something.  I'll try in the morning.  

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