Sunday, May 1, 2016

Putting Tangles in Order

8.5 x 11 copy paper
with ink and colored pencil

Why I feel compelled to carry on into the summer calendar I cannot say except that it is very relaxing to tangle and it seems more useful to carry on with the calendar than to just do more tiles.  It's a lovely way to showcase the new tangles coming out as well as pick favorites that I want to revisit.  And I like being able to see them all at once.

In Evernote on my iPad I keep the tangles organized alphabetically so the majority of these are "e", "f" and "g" tangles simply because that is where I happened to start.  

Emingle, Ellish, Eyelet, Fescu, Frostflower, Florz, Fengle, Fiore, Finery, Fishface, Gewgle, Gingham, Funf, Flux, Foxtrot, Flutterpie, Ing, Gottcha, Gourdgeous and Hurry.  

I am wondering how I will display the calendar after it is done.
Ideas?  I could just glue the pages into my journal for this year.  

Life as slowed a bit here in central FL as temps rise up into the 90s and we begin to plan our northern trip and start the bits and pieces of the closing up ritual. Things we do ahead such as making reservations at B & B's and resorts and thinking about having visits with friends once more that we won't see until October or November.   We will host company now for a few days but then after that we'll begin to get a little more serious.
It's become almost second nature with us now after doing this about 10 years now.  

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