Sunday, June 25, 2017

A work in progress

You will have seen the sketch for this painting a few posts ago...I thought I'd try a little different "style" of pen and ink for this one.  I did all the pen work first and tried to get most of the shadows in in pen.  
This gives quite a different look to the whole painting.  It is more like a "sketch" than a painting.  

This is not signed yet.  I think I'm going to darken the front screens on the porch on the front some.  I see I cut the left side off a little when I cropped has a bell hanging off to the left and you can see this.  I think I'll crop off some of the darker tree near the top left which is pulling my eye off the paper.  

When I get those done I'll post it again. you see anything else that might need addressing?  



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