Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Old Saloon

This quick sketch (maybe 45 minutes) was done on the city streets of Waukesha, WI from a parking lot across the street.  Waukesha is pronounced Waw-kee-shaw.  Accent on the first syllable.  

We have friends in the area here and also a son/daughter in law and two grandsons who live in this town!  We got to the lunch date with friends early so I decided to do a little sketch.  

Later I found out some information about the historical background of the building and it was built in 1892 and the original owner's name, Louis Yanke, is on the wall of the building. He was a saloon keeper and the name of the first saloon was "Farmer's Home".  

The stone (limestone) actually had a soft yellowish tint (not white as shown) so I will put that in later.  

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