Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some art preparation for the Northern Coffee House Gallery Show!

Just a few more of my give-away book marks in preparation for the demo on Sept 16 (see sidebar). I included my "corner chomper" in the photo as I "chomped" all the corners on these and I can't believe what a difference that makes!  I left about half a dozen to do at the demo.  Also plan to draw and paint in my sketchbook!

So now I am sorting through paintings trying to decide which would make a nice display at the gallery.  I have a large 3 panel display board to use in the back gallery AND several spots on the front near the door to the restaurant which will take larger paintings. 

Several of the paintings are of local buildings...the one in front (diptych) is the famous Minocqua Brewery Restaurant and the little "house like" wc in the back right is the Minocqua Museum.  I also have one of the Thirsty Whale restaurant.  
The Zentangle® one toward the top is a series of "tree-like" tiles that is rather cool.  15 paintings in all ranging in price from $25 to $60.  

I want to get them all numbered and labeled ahead.  The daughters arrive for Girls' weekend tomorrow night and then friends come later next week for a few days.  Now is the time!  

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