Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Warming Up again...

A little sketch as a warm up.
Weather and company has kept me out of the studio and away from my outdoor sketching group!  Grrrr.

I did the sketch at Tula's Cafe late one morning this month...while waiting for Mary Gayle to come for lunch.

AND at the same time I wanted to touch base with Laura's weekly Zentangle challenge...I've been away a long time.  Her guest challenge is to make a tile that can be set into 4's in order to make a round Zendala.  

 So this is 1/4th of a Mandala!  


  1. Love the coffee pot and I'm glad you found time for the Challenge. That's a good mix of patterns, as quite a few don't take kindly to going round in circles.

  2. I like your Rain around the perimeter. Yet another tangle I forgot about when doing my "plates".

  3. Love the colors in your sketch, and the challenge tile is lovely as well.