Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Spiral Binding Small Sketchbooks

With the inspiration of Sketchbook Skools new "zine" I found an article about "tiny" sketchbooks I rather liked.  I do keep an accordion sketchbook in my purse at all times.  And this is "about" the same size...these are 3.5" x 4.5".  Because they are spiral bound, it will be difficult to "draw across the pages" but not impossible.

The cover on the left is "duct tape" and it is a nice sturdy waterproof cover.  The other is just a stencil (Christmas gift from my sister) but I can coat it with gel medium to waterproof it a little.

A friend gifted me with my own spiral binder machine.  
So I am playing around with some of the ways I can use it.  

I'll give these a try now and see how I like sketching so tiny!  You can buy tiny sketchbooks but some of them are VERY expensive!
Worth a try.

And it might be a fun addition to a watercolor sketching class to have some for sale for the participants?  

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  1. I've seen the tiny books as small as a postage stamp. It's nice having the smaller books to carry around taking up very little space in a handbag or pocket and always with you.

    I like the idea of using fancy duct tape for covers.