Monday, January 22, 2018

Urban Sketching in Leesburg, FL

Thanks to Susan who organizes our little sketching group called Fetch a Sketch Trekkers!  Yeah for her!  We had a nice group...maybe 8 or 9? at the Antique Store this afternoon sketching all over the place.  I took a few photos that would make some nice paintings.  

It was fun to be in the company of gently used old china and furniture and lamps and beds and clocks.  A friendly cat visited us as we sketched.  

I used my Stillman & Birn (Beta series) sketchbook and my Lamy pen with Lexington Gray Noodler's Ink.

We went to Blooms on Main for a nice lunch...yummy Chicken Tortellina Soup for me!  It was 80 degrees in Leesburg today! 

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