Thursday, January 18, 2018

Urban Sketching (inside because it's cold in FL)

Been playing with some new pens. They become somewhat addictive.  These two are fountain pens.  A Sailor Profit is a bent-nib pen and the Eco is a lovely pen (clear so you can see all the ink inside) and it holds a ton.  The bent-nib is quite fascinating and as you can see makes a great variety of strokes.  

The issue now is to find good ink that is mostly water resistant.  Noodlers ink has been a go-to but on certain papers only.  It says it's permanent on "cellulose" papers.  So on some multi-media papers that are slicker paper...the ink never seem to be permanent.
that is a problem for washes.  

Below I used a micron which is a safe choice for the multi-media paper in this notebook.  We were at the car dealership today just playing around with finding out what a new CRV would cost.
Greg talked and I sketched.  Couldn't believe that a gentlemen in a wheel chair arrived with a clown nose on.  No body seemed to notice.  

On this sketch I used the Noodler's ink and had quite a time with the wc wash bleeding the ink.  This was Greg's Essential Tremor Support group up in the Villages.  There were actually about 40 people there!  

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