Saturday, March 7, 2020

Dry media Experiments

Every now and then one needs to step back and go through techniques and materials and see what you have and what some of your original goals and ideas were.

This little study in "dry media" today is me pulling together (on toned paper) some my ideas about using toned paper for "some" of my sketches and perhaps instead of wc (or other wet media) add color with inks, art crayons, oil pastels, pastel pencils, etc.  Just another technique to spur some new creativity.  I love wc, of course, and am not giving that up at all.  Just enjoying some exploration.  

One reason for the "dry" media is that "most" toned papers are not as heavy as mixed media paper.  That is not "always" true but most often. So then wc is not really useful on that paper.  And by toned I mean warm browns, cooler grays and even black.  I am trying out wc crayons (yes, they are water soluble...not wax) but I am not really planning to add water to them at this point anyway.  I am just enjoying the textures that they make.  And two kinds of wc pencil...these tend to be more intense than regular "colored pencil".  

It's all pretty experimental but that is how artists "play".  I'd like to work up some more whites or bright yellows as working not he darker substrates really begs to use light opaque color.  I have heard that is a "chalk" marker.  I might try to find one of those.  Meanwhile I'll see about putting together a little still life here in the studio so I can begin to play with how to use composition with these materials.  

The Peter Pauper wc crayons are by far the brightest and the pastel pencils are looking nice and bright too.  Even playing with materials is fun to look at.  Practicing sort of "Art Deco" printing too.  

It's been a "coolish" day in central FL but bright sunshine so not a problem.  Back to 80 by Tuesday.  

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