Friday, April 10, 2020

A Journal In the Time of Corona Virus

And so life does go on.
But certainly never in our wildest dreams like this.

The more folks I talk to the wider and more diverse the reactions. 
I am worried for the high school and the college kids and the young folks just out trying to make a life.  They feel so robbed and so at a loss for what to do.  Business folding...dreams dying.  This will be part of our collective memories forever.  

Some days a lethargy sets in and I can't seem to finish anything.  I start things and then drift off to something else.  I have disturbing dreams and although I surely have projects galore...can't seem to get going on them.  

And other days I make a list and actually accomplish a few things...makes me feel better when that happens.  Things like Zentangle and journaling help free me.  But each night for the PBS news hour...startling raw images and statistics lay me flat again.

In between my ups and down,  I Zoom and Face Time and email and text with family and friends. Staying in contact has become so essential.  I do my jigsaw puzzle, read, paint and sketch, help Greg with his wiring project in the model train room, and walk.
The weather here is lovely...absolutely NO complaints there...sunny most every day and in the mid 80s.  I can't imagine dealing with this in a snow or rain or cold.  But many people have to.  And then there are those living alone.  That is another story!  

We haven't left the park in 3 weeks except to go to Greg's eye appointments.  (His eye injury is healing nicely).  We wore our masks.  I cancelled our routine dental appointments next week. We continue to have groceries delivered.  

I found that author, Mitch Album, is writing a story on line week by week that takes place in "the time of Coronavirus".   He puts chapter online every Friday.  Check it out.  It's called Human Touch.

Greg and I took communion at home together in front of the laptop computer screen with our minister and his family on Maundy Thursday from their home.  My goodness that was a first.  We saw images of the Pope in Rome alone in the empty cathedral.  This will be a very different Easter for Christians this year.  (And celebrations for Jews and Muslims too).  We are so reminded that a church or any religion cannot be defined by a building.  

Blessed Easter everyone.


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