Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blocking In

Today is a good day to do a little work in the studio so I pulled out that image I did of the Apple Cake ingredients.

I did the preliminary sketch in pastel pencil on 16 x 20 canvas over black gesso. Next I will go back and see about light/dark, how to indicate the light source and what details I want to put in. Here I am just looking at composition and a little work with how I want to arrange the colors. Just fun! All girls want to do is have fun!

It is POURING rain in the north woods today. We are under a flood warning! But it cozy in the studio with music on and the sounds of the rain on the roof.


  1. Hi Ginny, I am struck by the wonderful shapes and colors you have in your blocked in piece. It would make an excellent abstraction I think! Wonderful arrangement.

  2. Thanks Peggy for comment on my post.
    I will check out your blog too.
    I did see that you are primarily at watercolorist.
    The more I work on this subject matter the more abstract it feels.
    Or semi-abstract anyway.