Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

You'll recognize this painting from a few posts ago...and you can scroll down to see what it looked like "before" so as to compare. I had so much fun with this watercolor on Yupo! It's often very hard to stop a painting like this. Yupo allows you to fiddle endlessly...which can be both good and bad as you know!

I have tried to slip in "just enough" darks to accent the lights and to thread the darks in and out of the painting as I did the lights. I wanted both mystery and reality in this painting...both abstract quality and realism still allowing the viewer to enter in and make the painting say just enough but not too much.

This is a half sheet of Yupo (13 x 20) and I like the color combinations a lot. I am glad I lost the original reference photo at some point so that I was freed up to do whatever. We should all probably do that more often!

I am now into the framing stage for our Hawthorne Park show coming up in a few weeks and I have to choose a painting for the Leesburg Art Association show too! Hmmmm. Not my favorite thing...framing. You hear me whine about it just before every show!

Gorgeous weather here in central FL now and we are seeing 80s in the forecast for this week for the first time since November! Yippee. The plein air group will meet this Wednesday with much happiness! Hope you all are having a great Valentine's Day!


  1. I have always loved painting of interiors; sadly my own interior spaces do not inspire me!
    This is a really wonderful painting--great colors, interesting shapes: I want to look at it for a long time!

  2. Wow Ginny! This is a real favorite! I love the color scheme and the color you chose for the darks sets it off perfectly. Beautiful work!

  3. Every so often I check your blog and I must tell you that the interior scene on yupo is very impressive! I LOVE it! Encourages me to perhaps try this in the future.....thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Joan...I have enjoyed that one too and plan to enter it in the Leesburg Art Association spring show (which is a judged show).
    I'll post if anything comes of it.
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come again!
    I just updated by gallery if you'd like to take a look. double click on "Ginny's gallery" and it should come up.