Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New En Plein Air Tote

Besides Robert Genn, the most often quoted artist on my blog and in the news chat is Brenda Swenson.
I think she is better than sliced bread.

A wc artist primarily she has written a wonderful how to book for beginners that I have used and given away as gifts forever!

This is her en plein air bag.
You can go to Harbor Freight Tools website and order the "Rigger Bag". They have been back ordered recently due her blog I am sure!!!

She notes in her explanation that some of the "pockets" were too small so she removed the stitching between some of them to allow for notebooks and multiple brushes. Her idea of "decorating" the bag is fun too...although you could certainly embellish it with permanent marker pens and acrylic paint as well!

Also you can also go to her blog post (click here) and find out how to make your own sketchbooks. Now this is something I never really thought about. She likes Bockingford WC paper which I do not think I've ever tried.

And since they don't make a travel journal...she makes her own finishing it off by taking it to a store like Office Max and having spiral bound. On the other hand....there are wonderful sketch books already out there. For small work I love my Moleskins.

I got some $ for Christmas from my daughter (a Cheap Joe's gift card) and so I may try out her paper to give it try.

The decorated bag is Brenda's all set and ready to go. The plain one is mine that just arrived and has some work yet to be done to it! Brenda says that she "unstitched" some of the outside pockets to make them fit what she wanted to put in them.

Note: I am wearing a turtle neck AND a sweater in the photo! It is only 50 degrees in the north woods of WI today (sunny BUT windy). So there is a wind chill as well.

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  1. This is a great idea, Ginny! We have a Harbor Freight store in the area - I can't wait to check it out.