Friday, June 1, 2012

Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wi

This is a second post on this beautiful museum in the north central part of WI. Scroll back one post for the NASA exhibit.

Besides the wonderful traveling exhibits inside, there are amazing sculptures in the garden. One i really found unusual was Steven Siegal's paper sculpture which is sculpting itself with weatherizing! It's now one year old and made of 24,000 # of recycled paper donated by Wausau Paper Company. (Remember this is the heart of forestry country!). Here is my husband standing beside it.

Also the next indoor traveling exhibits begin June 23 and run to Aug 26.
Botanicals: Environmental Expression in Art and Rhythm of Life: Watercolors by Richard Bolingbroke. The famous Birds in Art opens Sept 8-Nov 11.

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  1. Wausau, Eh? You are closer to the northwoods...Yeah!
    Interesting post on the museum, too! The environmental sculptures are fascinating.