Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something Possessed Me!!! Uh oh.

I do NOT know what possessed me this afternoon.  After a bit of "studio cleaning" I was moving things around and this painting got set up in the corner where I could look at it from a bit more distance.

This little rounded spot just seemed to say "something should be in this special spot".  But what?
For some odd reason crows have a habit of showing up in many artist's work.  I am not sure why.

But I thought of having a "black" colored bird in this spot might be effective and would immediate make this painting have a right side up, of course.  Big step.  Oh well, I am into risk taking.   

So after I sketched him in I decided to start with a light wash of Antwerp Blue watercolor.  Well, of course, with the yellow behind he's a yellow green.  It will be easy to make him black at some point.  But I decided to stop for awhile and see what my blog readers think.  

Should he be a black black bird?  Or should he be more subtle and the viewer just happen to be surprised by the bird who sort of blends into the back ground?  No rush.  Time to think.    

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