Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zentangle® on a Canvas Bag

Zentangle Tote Bag

Khirkee, Sand Swirl, Striping, Jalousie, Bloom, Socc, Paradox, Zinger, Coaster

I've been doing a lot of reading about different ways to "organize" patterns and information I've collected over the last 6 months.  Making Zentangle portable is one issue.  Keeping the "directions" to making different tangle patterns is another issue.  I've come up with different plans for both of these (for another post sometime.)  

These little plain white canvas bags are from WalMart.  (I know it's not popular to shop at Walmart at this moment but this was months ago.)  
So in an effort to think of some ways of making Zentangle more portable having a few different bags for different options seems a good idea.  

Almost all the tangles on this bag are fairly new ones to me and a good chance to try some of them out.  Striping and paradox are old familiar ones but the others are all newly discovered.  These are done, of course, with Sharpie Ultra Fine pens.  

Incidentally I have finally purchased some Fabriano Tiepolo Print paper which is the paper most recommended by the CZTs for tile work.  It is quite lovely to work on but I have to say that the Canson Montval 140# WC paper I've been using is just as nice and half the price!  

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