Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ZIA Splat (Zentangle® Inspired Art)

Auraknot, Hypnotic, Featherfall, Hollibaugh, Paradox, Dyon, BTL Joos, Flutter Pie, Knightsbridge, Footlites, Gingham, Coaster, Black Pearl, Earth Rising, Striping, Tipple, Cincfleur

This is several days puttering. Done on top of a watercolor (Arches 140# cold press) where I was experimenting with blowing through a straw.  This is actually upside down from how I worked on it, but I like this view better.  I had tried to kind of work the two spots in the "splat" where white showed through by making them sort of "see through" in the illusion.

I almost called this "Fantasy Continent" as it almost looked like a strange land form map.  I just laid a mat on tops so it's not tight down or anything...just to have a look-see at the composition and what might need to happen next if anything. 

We are having wonderful autumn days in FL now which means temps in low 80s and cool nights in the 60s.  Perfect.  

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