Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gelli print combs

Comb Mono Print on Gelli Plate
9 x 5.5"

This was fun but I learned a lot I'd do differently next time.  After the paint (acrylic) dried I added highlights with a white charcoal pencil and shading with a blue colored pencil.  Then some zentangles on the edges but next time I'll repaint the edges a lighter color so the tangles show up a little more (I think).  You could also "cut out" the comb swirls and add them to journal pages or cards or collages.  If you did it on deli paper, it would be semi transparent.  This was done on 90# drawing paper.  

The combs were purchased at Michaels years ago (Martha Stewart brand) but you can cut your own out of old credit cards.  Just be careful not to make them too sharp that you will mar the gelli plate surface.  

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  1. Ooooo I love those stripes! Gotta get me a gelli plate thingy. The stripes are so bold, I think the tangles are lovely as a secondary "oh my lookit that!"