Friday, December 19, 2014

Hot glue stencil day

here's one held up in my hand

12" x 8"

Okay so I've done this before…but these are larger and more intricate and complicated.  All done with a glue gun on parchment paper and hand pressed flat between parchment papers (like a sandwich) while still hot so as to keep them nice and flat and not too bumpy.

They are mainly to be used as stencils but can so be used to make prints. With the cost of commercial plastic stencils so high, these free form are very attractive and of course they are personal.   

And for people with short attention spans like me, they are wildly fun as they are almost instantly ready to use!  I have read on other bloggers posts that the favorite glue gun is Aleene's Ultimate Glue Gun (which comes with several removable tips.  But it is a little pricey so I am just using your every-day glue for these.  

I'll try some of these on my Gelli® plate this afternoon and post how they look.  (I can't believe my faithful blog follower, Mary Gayle, is still asking "What's a Gelli Plate?) If there is anyone who doesn't know, google "gelli plate" and find the home website for the company and watch one of their beginner videos.  Deli paper is not the only paper you can use for this.  Any paper will generally do..even card stock.  But deli paper is fun and inexpensive and when glued down it has some neat properties. You can get it at Sam's club cheap (or even order it on Amazon but it's a tad pricer there.)  

We finished up our Christmas shopping this afternoon and now I have some wrapping to do!!!  Tomorrow "should" be warm enough for the pool and I am anxious for a swim!  

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