Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Pudding

Monday night there was a delightful orchestra/choral event at our community building in our Florida park.  It is affectionately called "The Christmas Pudding" because of it's yummy mixture of Christmas music delights.  

THAT did it.  Christmas started to come for us!  Such wonderful happy evening!   We went out humming happily. 

 My calendar for the rest of the week is shimmery full of trees because in our hall, each club puts out a tree reflecting something about what that club does.  The art tree is full of little tubes of paint, brushes, and colored pencils.  Photo to follow.  The main hall then is lined with 100 lighted 2' trees.  Absolutely stunning!  

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  1. Lovely post. The colored Aquafleurs remind me of the many different kinds (flavors) of peppermints they have now.