Monday, August 15, 2016

Journal Prompt Catch-up

The prompt for the week had to do with finding a found object(s) and making up some sort of page including them.  This whole page is one big "found objects".  The little stripes on the back ground are left overs from making my own Washi Tape...the bits of paint on the wax paper between the tapes when I removed them!  The tiny 1.5" colored squares are color samples I found in a box at a garage sale (about 100 different colors).  I did some tangles on them.  And the Ace is a lost card from some long-lost deck of cards!  

 This prompt had me looking to see what phase of the moon would be in the sky on my birthday in November.  (Waning Moon phase).
And I ended up finding out some interesting things about the moon which I decided to keep in my journal!  That waning and waxing thing has always been kind of a mystery.   

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