Friday, August 19, 2016

Rain Day Zentangle®

Krazy Kalendars: for next year already!
Patterns with Turquoise and Yellow
Zentangle Wonky Houses (same houses with slight variations)

Rainy in the north woods today.
Good day to post some of my personal Zentangle fun.
As usual I am months and months ahead on the calendar…crazy.

And these Wonky houses are ones that I use in advanced Zentangle classes…so I started out using it as a demo and then finished it at home with different tangles.  Color is mostly pens but also some watercolor.  Sun on the second one is done as a ZenGem and added a TV antenna as an embellishment.

Daughter Julie is here for the weekend…we are having fun talking art and watching movies and reading and napping and just having a pleasant time.  Greg is off to set up for the Hazelhurst, WI model train show that starts tonight.  

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