Friday, August 12, 2016

Gell Arts Class in Manitowish Waters, WI

 Had a great group of 9 gals at the August 3 workshop....and we produced a lot of fun prints! 

The workshop was again "sponsored" by iStencils which provided everyone there with a free stencil as a "door prize".  Thank you iStencil!!!  Check out and see their great selection.  

I haven't been posting as regularly due to a ton of company up here in the North Woods.  Late July and early August are peak time for the grand kids to come as school will start soon.  School supplies are out in all the stores of course and what kills me is as soon as that is over, they start putting out Christmas!  OMGosh.  What happened to Halloween and Autumn?  

I refuse to even LOOK at Christmas things until November.  
There ought to be a law! :-)

I am behind in my journal prompts (although just two weeks) so am hoping to play catch up later next week after all the company departs!  I taught a private wc class last week and I may be teaching some Zentangle in September and am getting ready to send out the first fall newsletter for the Art Club down in Florida which starts meeting long before I get there.  

Hubby and I have begun our annual argument about our leaving date from the north woods.  Either the first or second weekend in October.  I do not want to see the snow start falling!!!  We have had snow as early as Oct 3 up here!  Not kidding.  

Have a large watercolor drawn out and would love love to start painting on it.  But I need a nice long stretch of time for that.   Hoping for some of that next week.  I'll post when I get started on it. 


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