Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Going Around in Circles: The Diva's Challenge

8.5 x 11 on copy paper

Despite the crazy date on the calendar…I am actually in my right mind (most of the time).  :-)

Anyway, the Diva's on vacation in the US in the west in the heat. She is apparently feeling like she's "going around in circles".  
So that is the prompt this week.  I'd already put a predominate circle in this design and I thought adding a few more would be appropriate, considering.  Onamato in a circle?  Whew.  Who would count the number of circles in THAT one!?  

Rainy in the north woods again…rained most of Wednesday.
Not to worry.  Lots of to do inside today.  And Mary Myers and I had a lovely lunch talking watercolor for hours at the Northern Gallery and Cafe in Minocqua.  Hoping for dry weather now as my daughters are coming for a "girls' weekend" Fri-Monday.  Can't wait to see them!  


  1. That's a really clever idea! I'm going to try that out. Nice splashes of color there.

  2. Very creative and great tangling!

  3. Lovely, I really enjoy the inter connectivity you achieved with your lovely blue ribbon weaving through this piece. So fun to see Cross View included, nice work.

  4. This is lovely and a great idea. Have fun with your daughters!!!!



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